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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why Zombies are cool Quotes!!

This is my way of celebrating Halloween! Basically, I just came across a zombie related blog post and decided to quote some of the one's I found amusing! I PLAN to put more on here, but don't hold me to anything since I put off something that I was already behind in to post this, and I may not have time.

zombie apocalypse Pictures, Images and Photos

"Zombies are cool because they don't care what other people think of them. I wish I could walk around unshowered, dirty, smelly, and with ripped up clothing without having to worry about it." Quoted from Jenna ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is A Read in the Life!!

"Zombies are awesome because... A: I AM secretly a zombie, and so thy are my kin and I am obligated to love them... and B: They just are. Trying to argue that they aren't won't work. It's in out bones. ;P But also because we come from all different periods of time, different nationalities, religions, races, we don't discriminate. *hitschestwithhandfor emphasis*"
Quoted from ReaderGirl ( in a comment she posted!

"I have loved Zombies since I was barely old enough to say the word Zombie. They are, to date, the only 'horror' creature that has never terrified me. There are reports that as a toddler I would laugh uproariously whenever they came on the screen during a Romero flick."
Quoted from Lexie ( in a comment she posted! Lexie has three blogs: 1. Graphic Novels Challenge 2. Poisoned Rationality 3. Royal Reviews!!

"I love zombies because, to quote the remake of Night of the Living Dead, "We are them and they are us." Interpret how you will."
Quoted from Dannie ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is Opinionated? Me?!!

"Zombies are cool because so far unlike Vampires they haven't been sparklized. Zombies are still tough, if not always the smartest."
Quoted from BrittLit ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is Reading Nook!!

"I love Zombies cause they refuse to die even though they are dead!"
Quoted from YA Vampire Books ( in a comment she posted! YA Vampire Books has two blogs: 1. YA Vampire Books 2. What a Girl Reads!!

"Zombies are cool because they like girls for their brains not their looks. XD"
Quoted from Haley ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is Haley's Book List!!

"Zombies are cool because they can eat anything. And they do!"
Quoted from Donnas ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is Donna's Blog Home!!

"Now, why do I think ZOMBIES are cool? Obviously, they don't sweat much. They look hot in shades. Zombies are also very self-confident, I've yet to meet a zombie with low self esteem issues.

Also, contrary to popular belief, zombies are absolutely wonderful with small children - who are so fascinated with oozing, decaying body parts that the little tykes will play quietly in their rooms the rest of the night and (unless prompt psychological counseling is administered) maybe for the rest of their natural life.

Furthermore, as everyone knows, zombies make excellent BFFs! They are not prone to gossip, and will be the first to let you know if that particular shade of fuchsia actually DOES make you look fat. And, unlike most human males,a zombie boyfriend can sit through movies like the Titanic or Sex in the City without farting and making loud snarky comments."
Quoted from Mary Ann DeBorde ( in a comment she posted! Mary Ann DeBorde has four blogs which you can find on her profile above!

"Zombies are cool because they're like having that fat friend around so that you look thin, only in Zombie's case, they make you look smart!"
Quoted from Llehn ( in a comment she posted!

"Zombies are cool because they're everywhere lately and the books and movies that feature them all have a different perspective on them. Not to mention, my best friend has a fear of zombies actually being real and attacking her, so we have some interesting conversations in regard to escaping zombies."
Quoted from Nikkayme ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is A Haunt of Ancient Peace!!

"Zombies are cool because they are always killed off in the best ways"
Quoted from Jamie ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is Copper Llama Studio!!

"I love Zombies because of their shuffle that is irresistible to imitate!"
Quoted from LiLi ( in a comment she posted! Her blog is . (or!!

That's all for now! I'll try and find some similar stuff to put on later but no promises!!!

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  1. I like the icon about triping you friend ;)
    thanks for stoppping by. I like the look of your blog and I can't wait to see it grow :)

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed making this post. It was the most fun I've had in a while (even though it took me hours, when I was supposed to be doing something else). Though I feel overwhelmed with everything else I'm SUPPOSED to be doing. Honestly, I already admired you book bloggers, TONS, but I definitely learned something about how hard you guys work.

  3. (Not that I didn't know how hard you guys work, but just seeing how hard it is for ME, makes me admire you for not giving up and stuff.)

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